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JMP rally offends military and security, provokes governorates
Shamlan is nothing but a puppet for the opposition parties to execute their PR agenda in this campai ...
No security incidents reported during election campaigns
you probably should not be too optimistic - too early to say
Sudanese official arrives in Sana'a
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Sudanese official arrives in Sana'a
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President Saleh returns home after 3-nation tour
Try to be honest to yourselves and don't steal articles which you didn't translate. Translator of t ...
Almotamar Net - Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi met here on Wednesday with European Union (EU) delegations Head and ambassador to Yemen Michele Cervone dUrso.

Wednesday, 08-February-2012 - Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi met here on Wednesday with European Union (EU) delegation's Head and ambassador to Yemen Michele Cervone d'Urso.

Hadi and d'Urso discussed political and diplomatic activities under the implementation of the political settlement in Yemen according to the Gulf Cooperation Council-brokered initiative.

The Vice President praised the EU ambassador's efforts and the European assistance to Yemen before and during the crisis, voicing his appreciation of the EU role in mobilizing support and assistance for Yemen.

The European ambassador asserted the EU incessant support for all efforts made for the security, unity and development of Yemen, valuing the great efforts made and being made by Hadi to put an end for the crisis and its difficult consequences in Yemen.

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Friday, 01-July-2016
The Saudi war jets waged on Thursday five air raids on the western parts of Mareb province, a local official said.

The war jets launched three raids on Harib-Nehm area and two raids on al-Majaweha in the province. At the same time, the Riyadh's hirelings
Thursday, 30-June-2016
The Saudi warplanes launched on Thursday three raids on Beer Basha and old Airport areas in the western neighborhoods of Taiz province, a local official said.

The warplanes also waged three raids on Osamah Ben Zaid School in al-Tazeyah district which led to the destruction of the school and caused damage to neighboring houses and facilities
Thursday, 30-June-2016
The army and popular committees destroyed on Thursday two armored military vehicles in al-Mashjah area of Mareb province, security official said.

This came when the Riyadh's hirelings tried to advance towards al-Mashjah in the east of Serwah district in Mareb, the official added
Thursday, 30-June-2016
The Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have called on the United Nations General Assembly to immediately suspend the membership rights of Saudi Arabia in the UN Human Rights Council.

The two organizations accused Saudi Arabia of exploiting the body to obstruct justice in regard to committing possible war crimes in Yemen.

In a joint statement issued Wednesday, they urged in the United Nations General Assembly to take this decision because of the regularly flagrant violations of human rights by the Saudi regime.

The statement confirmed that the two organizations will practice pressure on the General Assembly for a vote in this aspect.
Wednesday, 29-June-2016
The Riyadh's hirelings have executed a man in Taiz province, a military official said Wednesday.

The executed man was Abbas Ba-Alawi, the official said, adding no further information about the reasons behind the execution.
Tuesday, 28-June-2016
The Saudi-led war jets waged on Tuesday three raids on the districts of al-Maton and al-Maslob in Jawf province.

The hostile warplanes launched two raids on al-Maton district and another one on al-Saqiyah area in al-Maslob district, a local official explained.
Monday, 27-June-2016
The Saudi-led coalition’s warplanes waged an air raid on al-Dhaher district of Sa’ada province, a security official said on Monday.

The hostile raid targeted al-Malahidh area in al-Dhaher district and led to large damage in the farms and houses of citizens
Monday, 27-June-2016
The Saudi-led war jets waged on Monday three air raids on Kitaf district of Sa’ada province, a security official said.

The official explained that the raids targeted scattered areas in Kitaf, noting that the raids caused damage to citizens’ property.

He pointed out that the aggression’s war jets intensified overflights in the sky of the province, particularly over the western districts, with opening
Monday, 27-June-2016
The army and popular committees forces repelled the hirelings’ attempt to advance toward Hailan Mountain in Serwah district of Mareb province, a military official said Monday.

The official added that the clashes resulted in a number of dead and wounded among the mercenaries, including head
Sunday, 26-June-2016
The national delegation confirmed on Sunday its keenness on the success of the Yemeni consultations in Kuwait under the auspices of the United Nations.

This came during a joint session between the national delegation and Riyadh’s delegation in the presence of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his special envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed.

At the session, the UN Secretary-General asserted that the position of the international community is clear, which is that the conflict should stop and Yemen should return to the path of political transition.

Ban Ki-moon expressed his optimism for the recent release of prisoners and detainees, urging the parties to release all prisoners as a goodwill initiative before the Eid al-Fitr.

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