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Tuesday, 28-February-2006
lmotamar-net - MUKALA, Hadramout- A delegation of Yemeni- Saudi businessmen held a meeting in Hadramout governorate on Tuesday headed by the chairman of the Hadramout Chamber of Industry and commerce Abdul- Rahman Ba- Jarsh.

In the meeting, the delegation reviewed the investment opportunities in the governorate and Aden city as well as other chances in fields of oil,trade and tourism
Saturday, 18-February-2006
almotamar-net - SANA'A, -Yemen ambassador to Ankara Nouriah al-Hammami discussed with the Turkish Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Kursad Tuzmen, means of reinforcing commercial and economic relations on the light of increasing mutual commercial deals between the two

They asserted the significance of doubling commercial exchange in the coming years
Wednesday, 15-February-2006
almotamar-net - A British trade delegation will arrive in Yemen next March on several-day official visit to see chances of investment in the country.

In a statement to, the director of international economic ties in the ministry of industry and trade Abdullah al-Mashraei said that representative of the UK investment board and a group of British businessmen would hold talks with their Yemeni counterparts to discuss chances of investment and setting joint projects
Tuesday, 14-February-2006
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Tuesday, 17-October-2017
The United Arab Emirates acknowledged on Tuesday that two of its pilots were killed when their military aggression plane crashed over Jawf province, a military official said

The official added that the aggressive crashed plane was an apache that was
Tuesday, 17-October-2017
Three citizens were killed and four others wounded in two Saudi air strikes hit Majza district of Saada province, an official said on Tuesday.

The strikes hit a citizen's car in al-Jamalah area in the district, the official added.
Tuesday, 17-October-2017
Artillery of the army and popular shelled a gathering of Saudi-paid mercenaries in al-Moqadra area in Serwah district of Marib province, a military official said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed and others injured in Wadi al-Theek in the district, the official added.
Monday, 16-October-2017
The army and popular forces carried out on Monday unique military operations in Taiz province.

A military official said that a number of Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed at the hands of the army and popular forces in al-Jazami Hill in al-Kadaha area in al-Ma'afer district.
Monday, 16-October-2017
A Saudi aggression fighter jet targeted a citizen's car driving in Fara area of Kutaf district in Saada province overnight, killing the driver and injuring his friend, a security official said on Monday.
Monday, 16-October-2017
The army artillery and popular committees launched a fierce attack on Saudi-paid mercenaries' sites in Jawf province, a military official said on Monday.

The attack destroyed a military vehicle belonging to the mercenaries and killed all on board in Sabran area in khab and shaaf district.
Sunday, 15-October-2017
Scores of Saudi enemy soldiers were killed and injured on Sunday when the army and popular forces repelled a Saudi military attempt to sneak into Shurfah site in the border province of Najran, a military official said.

The operation was accomplished successfully against the Saudi
Sunday, 15-October-2017
The army and popular committees have killed a total of 18 Saudi-paid mercenaries in sniper operations over the past hours in the central province of Marib, a military official said on Sunday.

Ten mercenaries were killed in Nehm district and eight others were killed in Serwah district, said the official.
Saturday, 14-October-2017
Saudi aggression warplanes have launched more than 49 airstrikes over the past hours on several residential areas across Yemen, a security official said on Sunday.
The airstrikes targeted the areas of Malahiz and Husama in Dhahir district, and areas Thuban, Masahif and Sdad in Bakim district of northern Saada province.
Thursday, 12-October-2017
The army and popular forces carried out an operation attack on Saudi-paid mercenaries' sites in al-Hawal area in Nehm district.

A local official said that the operation attack resulted in killing and injuring mercenaries, adding they also incurred heavy losses at their ranks

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