Sunday, 28-August-2016 21:50
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Sunday, 28-August-2016
The border areas in the province is exposed daily to the bombing Saudi war aggression, Targeting citizens' houses and Public and private properties, the official said.
The operating room did not receive any communication about presence of human victims, the official explained.
Sunday, 28-August-2016
The missile force bombed Saudi enemy soldiers gatherings in Nhoukh, Abu Hamdan and al-Sudais areas, a military source said, adding to another gathering of Saudi enemy soldiers and Saudi military vehicles in al- Katra site in Najran with many missile ,caused a number of killed and injureds In their ranks
Saturday, 27-August-2016
The Saudi war jets waged on Saturday air raids on Sa'ada province, a security official said.

The war jets targeted a gas station in Qahzah area with three raids causing the destruction of hundreds of gas cylinders, the official added.
Saturday, 27-August-2016

The Saudi warplanes pounded on Saturday an electricity station in Amran province, a station manager in Amran said.

The raids destroyed the main Electricity Conversion Station completely, the station manager Amin al-Adani said.
Saturday, 27-August-2016
The three raids targeted Dilaa area , which led to great damages to citizens' houses and properties .also raids targeted al-Madfon area with three raids ,caused huge damages to citizens' houses and proprieties .
Saturday, 27-August-2016

The official confirmed six of the mercenaries were killed and three were injured including a Front leader of al- Ghayl Ahmed Abdullah Muhsin when they tried to advance towards al-Mgath area in al- Ghayl district .
Friday, 26-August-2016
Around five people injured on Friday in Saudi raids on al-Hada district of Dhamar province, a security official said.

The Saudi warplanes targeted al-Ahsa area in the district with two raids, injuring five people, some critically, while on their way on the main road, he added.
Friday, 26-August-2016
At least 11 people, mostly women and children, were killed on Friday in Saudi raids on Baqem district of Sa'ada province, a security official said.

The Saudi fighter jets targeted two houses in al-Zamah area, killing the eleven and injuring others, the official added.
Friday, 26-August-2016
The Saudi war jets have waged two air raids on Bani Matar district of Sana'a province, a security official said Thursday.

The official added the raids targeted al-Subaha area causing huge damage to citizens' houses and their properties.
Thursday, 25-August-2016
The Saudi war jets waged on Thursday air raids on al-Ghail district of Jawf province, a local official said.

The official added the war jets targeted al-Ordhi, al-Adhabah and al-Maqatea areas in the district, leaving huge damage to houses and farms.

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