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"Yemenis abroad"
Woman gives birth as son dies in same hospital
On Thursday afternoon, she remained in the hospital, oblivious, he said: "I don't want to tell her." ...
Yemenis abroad
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Sunday, 25-September-2016
Saudi aggression's warplanes waged seven raids against the capital Sana'a early on Sunday, an official said.
The strikes targeted Sarif area east of al-Rawda city, on the road linking the capital with neighboring province of Mareb, causing large damage to citizens' houses and farms, the official added.
Sunday, 25-September-2016
Saudi aggression fighter jets waged late on Saturday night, four air raids on Moton district of Jawf province , an official said.
The raids targeted residential Ham area in the district, he said. No casualties were reported, but damage to people's properties.
Sunday, 25-September-2016
Ten people were killed and nine injured in early Sunday morning Saudi aggression airstrikes on residential quarter in downtown Ibb city, an official said.
The hostile warplanes targeted residential buildings in Dar al-Sharf area of Mafrak Jibla neighborhood, he said.
The Saudi aggression also waged two raids on Bin Laden tourist complex few miles away city in central the city, said the official, adding that three other air raids hit Kah area in al-Sabrah district of Ibb province.
Saturday, 24-September-2016
At least 16 people were injured on Saturday in a Saudi air raid on Magz district of Sa'ada province, a security official said.

The Saudi-led aggression targeted al-Gerbah bridge in the district, the official added.

Before two days, the Sauid warplanes targeted the bridge with two raids causing a cut off the road for some areas.
Saturday, 24-September-2016

Four people were injured on Saturday by the Saudi-led aggression raids on Assabrah district of Ibb province, a security official said.

The official added that the Saudi aggression waged eight raids on Qa'a al-Jamea area in Assabrah district causing damage to a number of buildings.
Saturday, 24-September-2016
The Saudi fighter jets on Saturday waged two raids on Serwah district of Sa'ada province, a local official said.

The official added that the hostile fighter jets targeted Wadi al-Rabe'ah area and Serwah Souk in the district.
Saturday, 24-September-2016
A citizen was killed in a Saudi aggression air raid on Khawlan district of Sana'a province late on Friday night, a security official said.

The fighter jets targeted a farm alongside public road that linking Mareb province and Khawlan, killing a citizen and damaging the farm, said the official.
Saturday, 24-September-2016
Saudi aggression warplanes waged 12 air raids on
Radaa city and surroundings regions of Baidha province late on Friday ,a military official said.

The raids destroyed communication grid in Ihraam mount in the city.

The official added the fighter jets continued intensely flying over the sky of the city and broke the sound barrier.
Saturday, 24-September-2016
A citizen was killed in a Saudi aggression air raid on Serwah district of Mareb province late on Friday, an official said.

The fighter jets targeted the house of the citizen in Habbab valley in the district, killing him and injuring others, said the official.
Friday, 23-September-2016
The Saudi aggression warplanes launched on Friday a raid on Serwah district in Mareb province.

The official added that the aggression targeted a water well drilling in al-Hajalan area in the district.

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