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JMP rally offends military and security, provokes governorates
Shamlan is nothing but a puppet for the opposition parties to execute their PR agenda in this campai ...
No security incidents reported during election campaigns
you probably should not be too optimistic - too early to say
Sudanese official arrives in Sana'a
HI this intersting web sait and usefull .ihope to find alot of information about yemen beacause we ...
Sudanese official arrives in Sana'a
i like all yhe artical in this pAGE .SO I WANT TO THANK YOU
President Saleh returns home after 3-nation tour
Try to be honest to yourselves and don't steal articles which you didn't translate. Translator of t ...

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Tuesday, 21-March-2017
Saudi aggression warplanes waged two air strikes on Nehm district in Sana'a overnight.

The warplanes targeted Ramada area two times, causing damages to private properties and citizens' farms, an official said on Tuesday.
Tuesday, 21-March-2017
Minister of Foreign Affairs Eng. Hisham Sharaf and Minister of Agriculture Ghazi Al-Ahwal met on Tuesday with the Resident Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Sana'a Dr. Salah El Hajj.

The meeting reviewed aspects of cooperation between Yemen and FAO, especially with regard to the food security situation in Yemen.
Tuesday, 21-March-2017
Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Ghazi Mohsen met on Monday with the International Committee of the Red Cross team, headed by director of economic security in the Middle East Christophe Deris.

The meeting discussed the possibility of supporting agricultural activities, including improved seed production and combating plant pests and providing
Tuesday, 21-March-2017
The Military Industry Unit of the Yemeni Army inaugurated on Tuesday a new ASEF 1 missiles.

The ASEF 1 missile is a short-range.

The army and popular forces pounded on Tuesday Saudi Rajla camp with three-ASEF missiles.
Tuesday, 21-March-2017
Saudi aggression warplanes and its mercenaries continued targeting the civilians and their properties in several provinces over the past 24 hours, a military official said on Thursday.
Tuesday, 21-March-2017
Saudi warplanes waged two air strikes on Al-Madhmar Institute at Manakha district in Sana'a province, an official said on Tuesday.

The official said the airstrikes overnight destroyed the education institute.
Tuesday, 21-March-2017
Saudi aggression fighter jets launched 25 strikes on various areas of Taiz province, a local official said on Tuesday.

The warplanes hit al-Sadrah and al-Faqa'a Mountains in al-Waza'eih district six times and other six strikes on the north of al-Omeri area of Dhubab district, as well as a raid hit al-Barh area of Maqbanah district, the official said.
Tuesday, 21-March-2017
The army and popular forces fired a medium-range ballistic missile on King Faisal military base in Jizan province, a military official said on Tuesday.

The missile hit military city in Abu Arish area, hitting the target accurately and causing heavy losses in military equipment, the official added.
Tuesday, 21-March-2017
Six citizens were injured in a Saudi air strike on Majza district of Sa'ada province on Tuesday, a security official said.

The warplanes hit al-Maghsal area, wounding the six citizens.

Moreover, the aggression waged another raid on Sarah area, the official added.
Monday, 20-March-2017
Military heroes and popular committees repelled a crawl by Saudi-paid mercenaries from three axes towards the mountains of Yam in Nehm, a military official said on Monday.

The units of the army and people's committees foiled the three attempts, killing and wounded dozens of the mercenaries.

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