Tuesday, 20-February-2007
Almotamar.net Reuters - SANAA (Reuters) - Yemen is in talks with a Dubai-based company to build a 14-km (8.7 miles) bridge across the Red Sea to the Horn of Africa country of Djibouti, a Yemeni official said on Tuesday.
A UAE newspaper said the project, estimated to cost $1 billion, could be launched within two months, though it was not immediately clear when it would be completed.
"The company and the government are still in negotiations," a senior Yemeni government official told Reuters.
"This project, if implemented, will be a main gate between Africa and Asia. It is crucial for trade and tourism."
UAE newspaper al-Bayan cited unnamed officials on Tuesday as saying that Dubai-based Middle East Development company was discussing the bridge project with both Djibouti and Yemen, an Arab country on the southwestern edge of the Arabian peninsula.
It said the project would span Yemen's Red Sea island of Perim across the strait of Bab al-Mandib to Djibouti.
As well as a motorway to carry cars and trucks, the bridge will include a railway track which will be used to transport goods imported from Russia, India and China to Africa, it said.

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