Thursday, 22-March-2007
Almota, Google Mews Alerts - Despite lower production in February compared to the previous month, DNO oil company said Thursday it is forecasting oil production in Yemen for the company to increase to approximately 26,000 bopd by year end, and that the average 2007 production will be 20,000 bopd.
DNO said that production from Yemen was lower compared to January due to some well work at the Tasour Field, such as production logging campaigns and work overs. However, the output from the Sharyoof Field (+350 bopd, gross) and Godah (+170 bopd, gross) increased from January. The Nabrajah Field produced at the same level as for January.

On the Nabrajah Field a new Qishn infill well has been drilled and brought on stream at an initial gross oil rate of 1.450 bopd, DNO said.

At the same time, DNO gave an update on its drilling program in Yemen, which the company has qualified as being "extensive" during 2007 and rig capacity has been secured for all the wells.
DNO said a total of 22 wells are planned to be drilled this year; 13 exploration wells and 9 appraisal / development wells. To date 3 exploration wells and 1 infill well have been completed and reported.
Thursday's update included 3 new wells; 1 exploration well and 2 infill wells.

Block 43 (56,67%)
Following the interpretation of the new 3-D seismic acquired across the Nabrajah Field during second half of 2006, drilling has resumed at the field, DNO said, with drilling of Nabrajah # 12 commencing February 21, and was drilled as a Qishn infill well.

"The well has been brought on stream at an initial gross flow rate of 1.450 bopd. The results from the well together with the interpretation of the new 3-D seismic form the basis for the location of several additional Qishn infill targets," DNO said.
The rig will now move to the location of Nabrajah # 13, which will test a new play concept within the Nabrajah area, DNO said. Based on the results from this well along with the Nabrajah # 12 reported above, a revised drilling plan for Nabrajah will be prepared.

Block 53 (24,45%)
Drilling of Sharyoof # 25 commenced on 28 February and the well is planned as a water injector, DNO said, adding that this is the third infill well at the Sharyoof Field drilled over the past 6 months. The Sharyoof # 23 and # 24 were both drilled as infill oil producers and was brought on stream at initial gross flow rates of 1,700 bopd (November 06) and 1,100 bopd (February 07) respectively.

Block 44 (65,1 %)
Drilling of Ardah #1 exploration commenced on 24th February. DNO said the primary objective of the well is a Qishn Formation target, but the well is also planned to explore for deeper carbonate reservoirs. This is the second exploration well drilled by DNO as the Operator in the block.

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