Tuesday, 05-June-2007
Google Alerts Tne Media Line - In a rare initiative, the government of Yemen is considering allocating an open park area for opposition activists to voice their opinions, according to the Yemen weekly 26 September.

The Media Line mentioned Monday the Hyde Park-style initiative draws on the success of similar experiences elsewhere. Democracy Square, as it is being called by the authorities, will be located in Sab’in Park near the presidential residence in the capital ‘Sana'a.

But the idea has drawn criticism from opposition members, who claim the initiative makes a mockery of democracy.

Other critics agreed this was an attempt to contain the opposition into a small space.

Under the plan, the speaker’s corner will be equipped with a wooden podium. Speakers will address their listeners without amplifiers. They will be allowed to address any topic freely, providing it remains “within the framework of the law and the constitution,” according to the report.

The days designated for speakers will be Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. until noon.

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