Friday, 23-August-2013 -
Members from the NDC's Sa'ada Issue Working Group have stated that the Yemeni government’s apology to citizens for the 1994 Civil War and Sa’ada Wars represented a good step in the right direction.

Ansar Allah representative and Sa'ada Issue group member Hossein Al-Hamran stated that the apology met one of the central requests by the Ansar Allah political party and citizens in Sa’ada governorate.

"The apology prompted positive reactions from Sa'ada citizens who are participating in the NDC in particular – and from citizens of Sa'ada in general,'' said Al-Hamran.

''This development will provide inspiration for us to move forward positively in the NDC,'' he added.

General People’s Congress party and group member Hossein Hazeb said that while the apology was good, it arrived very late. He added that all parts committee wars in Sa'ada should offer their apology to people as two parts and not only one part.

Akhlaq Al-Shami described the apology as a positive step, and a good step towards resolving Sa’ada-related problems
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