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Saturday, 29-August-2009
Almotamar Net - Yemens foreign minister Dr Abu Bakr al-Qirbi said on Friday that the Houthi saboteurs blocked Doha agreement by refusing to descend from Azan Mountain in Saada province in accordance with terms of the agreement. - Yemen's foreign minister Dr Abu Bakr al-Qirbi said on Friday that the Houthi saboteurs blocked Doha agreement by refusing to descend from Azan Mountain in Saada province in accordance with terms of the agreement.

In an interview to 26 September newspaper al-Qirbi the saboteurs were the first to block implementation of Doha agreement when the government began with them in carrying it out and reached to the stage of descending from Mount Azan as part of the Doha agreement that stipulated the departure from mountains and return to their villages and areas. but they refused hat demand and insisted on remaining in it despite that the government had shown its readiness to hand over the mountains to sheikhs of the area instead of the armed forces for a period of three months until they get settled and be satisfied and then begins the process of reconstruction. However, they refused and that stopped the Doha agreement. As for the government it was committed to it on its part.

On request of some outcries to stop military operations he foreign minister said "yes there calls for stopping the war by the two sides but the government and these destructive groups should not be viewed through the same perspective and at the same footing. The government is applying the power of the law and the constitution whereas those groups are violating the constitution and the law and cannot under any norm to accept carrying weapons to achieve demands however legitimate they were."

The minister has shown his wonder about those who try to put the government and these groups in the same balance. If they accepted that classification it means that they accept it in many of countries that face rebellion, destruction and terror. The required from these countries is to confirm their refusal of any rebellion movement following violence and resorting to arms in the face of the state.

In response to a question on possibility o the government acceptance of halting the military operations he confirmed that the Yemeni government has put six points for stopping the war and establishment of peace. If those groups declared their acceptance of it then we do not need of mediation. We are ready to talk directly on implementing the six points and commitment of all sides to it.

On developments of the field situations for confronting the rebels in Saada province, Dr al-Qirbi clarified," The situation, as you see and hear, there is a military confrontation between the armed forces and elements of sabotage elements of the Houthis in different areas in Saada province."

He said regretfully these confrontations were imposed on the government that did not want and did not choose to enter into a military confrontation with " the sons of our people " but when a group comes to violate the constitution and the law and carry weapons against the government and to realize whatever goals, political or sectarian, it is unacceptable matter under any norm and in any country.

The minister added," When these groups began lately attempting to expand their zones of influence outside the areas the confrontations were basically existing and began interfering in works and affairs of the local councils, occupation of schools, demolition of houses and impeding reconstruction in Saada province in addition to the wave of assassinations perpetrated against many of social personalities from Saada province, who did not follow those groups. The government has found itself in a situation demanding from it the decision especially that the Yemeni street considered that the government keeping silent maybe reflects weakness in facing these groups and therefore was the military intervention. "He said at the same time there was an initiative of the six points presented by President Ali Abdullah Saleh for avoiding the war if the sabotage elements accepted it. These points proceed basically from the Doha agreement and from the agreements reached by the committees formed by the President.
Al-Qirbi said," We are now moving in two directions. The first is establishment of the state sovereignty over all the regions and the second is opening the door to these groups to return to reason and accept the conditions and the government made is ready to tackle all consequences resulting from this confrontation. "

On finding Iranian-made weapons and hints of the official spokesman to foreign support for the rebels confirming involvement of some international parties in supporting the rebels , the foreign minister said Yemen has warned from the beginning of the danger of outside interference in the Yemeni internal affair by any side because foreign interventions harm security and stability of the region and affect relations of the region's countries and arouse much concern and fears on dimensions of those interferences . With regard to evidence on the foreign interference in the ongoing war he said," We do not want now to comment on them and we leave them until completing documentation of these matters and measures would be taken in time." He has also warned against the danger of the interference in the Yemeni affair due to its negative impact on the entire region. As for the international stance in general I think that all are keen to provide full care for the affected migrants from this war. here there must be an indication that the migrants are not the result of the this war but only but as a result of the Houthis practices against the citizens in many areas and their exposure to terror and killing. The government has announced its stance on the importance of cooperation with all international and humanitarian organisations that want to contribute to help the migrants."

The minister mentioned that the hope is to end the war soon but taking into consideration the human aspect and the civilians for the purpose of reducing damage may not accelerate the military operations, as many want. He said the government exercises its responsibility in encountering any group raising arms to impose political or sectarian vision, adding that the door is still open to it for the political practice but there is no excuse for violence and the use of force.

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