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JMP rally offends military and security, provokes governorates
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Sudanese official arrives in Sana'a
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Sudanese official arrives in Sana'a
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Almotamar Net - President Ali Abdullah Saleh has affirmed that the genuine, objective and fair evaluation of our national march and what has been achieved for our people under the banner of revolution cannot be played down but in itself considered a great miracle particularly under the circumstances of our people and their moderate potentials and because of the conspiracies they have faced throughout stages of the Yemeni revolution.

Tuesday, 26-September-2006
almotama.net - President Ali Abdullah Saleh has affirmed that the genuine, objective and fair evaluation of our national march and what has been achieved for our people under the banner of revolution cannot be played down but in itself considered a great miracle particularly under the circumstances of our people and their moderate potentials and because of the conspiracies they have faced throughout stages of the Yemeni revolution.

That was mentioned in President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s speech delivered Monday evening in his addressing the Yemeni people inside and outside the country on the 44th Day of 26 September Revolution and the 43rd Day of 14 October Revolution as well as on the occasion of the 39th Day of 30 November, the Day of National Independence.

President Saleh said,” The democratic cooperative society whose visions and idea merged from our Islamic ideology, our genuine civilization heritage and principles of the immortal revolution is being practiced at all levels and in all instances of formation and performance of the state institutions in the Yemeni Republic.” The president elaborated “ The election of the president of the republic and the local councils in governorates and districts by the people portrays an image of the institutional and constitutional construction for the democratic society and this makes us feel our people who have exceeded the initial stages and overcame all forms of guardianship and have become bigger in their awakening and integrity of their national front, are always capable of aborting all forms and attempts of infiltrating their ranks or conspiracy against their revolution and republican regime , and the process of coalescence in action and commitment and work with embodiment of the six great goals of the Yemeni revolution, today they are more than any past time facts lived in our country and the life of our people. The landmarks of the accomplishment of all that confirm continuity and durability of the revolution march through the power and action of the constitutional legitimacy which is the immunity of our new democratic, cooperative and pluralist society.”
The president added that our remembering of the revolution goals and our vision and living with what the life around us possess, affirms that facts of life have become the book open to meanings of practical embodiment for the achievement of the blessed Yemeni revolution. Thus our pleasure of the revolution festivities is strengthened every day by the growing great accomplishments at various political, democratic, developmental, social and cultural and other levels.
The achievement of the clear and comprehensive democracy, acknowledged by the whole world, by observers and others, confirms that democracy is established to continue, develop and to have its effect in all walks of life and evolvement of the country, to prove that all forms of discrimination and differences among the people and their formations have ended for good and that the Yemeni revolution has made the fact of equality among sons other Yemeni people and resurrected anew the spirit of fraternity in their conscience and life, president Saleh added. The president maintained to say “The great democratic event an in its depth the insistence of our people on pr exercising their democratic option and adherence to the approach of democratic practice and renewal of trust in us to continue the comprehensive development march, make us feel more than any past time the heaviness of the double responsibility and the danger of the weight of the trust. Nevertheless, we will continue as our confidence in you and with you in the situation in which that high trust of the sons of our people, men and women, has put us in and will not disappoint any one of you. For this reason we will continue, and with us all the good of the sons of our people, to exerting all efforts and with new mechanisms and visions that we have drawn accurately in our election platform. We will translate it into a detailed program for the government and renew our pledge that field of work would witness accomplishment of what has been drawn up in that election platform and the third five-year plan, at the forefront of which is the conduct of objective and transparent evaluation process through which positives will be strengthened and the negatives to be solved and also to implement the principle of award and punishment in putting it into force without any hesitation, by the will of God, for the good and interest of the homeland.”

I his speech, the president also touched on priorities of the upcoming stage saying we certainly realize that the road is not paved or strewn with flowers before the future tasks required to fulfill, mainly the continuation of exerting efforts of economic, social and cultural development in our country, facing the challenges of dev3elopment, poverty and unemployment as well as provision of job opportunities for the youth, fighting corruption and terror, consolidation of pillars of the yemeni state; the state of freedom, pluralism and democracy, the state of order and law.

However, the challenges will not be more difficult than we had faced in the past and overcome by virtue of God and the cooperation and interaction of all sons of our great Yemeni people. We will work not only through encouraging investments and speeding up rates of development in various fields and development of the mechanism of spreading the umbrella of social security and expansion in creation of new job opportunities in all fields. We shall, moreover, enable the poor and the needy to posses abilities and potentials and to side with them for improving their living conditions and developing their abilities to enable them to own small and medium enterprises in all possible areas, take care of productive families and help the youth to depend on themselves and make them a productive and effective force in building and modernization process in the homeland. President Saleh said among the priorities we are going to deal with is the work to for overcoming the problems of poverty, limiting unemployment and providing work opportunities for those able to work especially the youth. No doubt more enhancement of developing the national economy and operations of agricultural, fish and oil production, developing the country’s capabilities in producing gas- generated electric power and expansion in building the basic structures as well as growth and protection of water resources will all help tackle what we have indicated. The president has further said as we have pointed out in our election platform we will work in fighting corruption and the corrupt and will not absolutely hesitate to send whoever is condemned to justice to be accounted. During the nest year and its following years, the political action and al fields of responsibility will see new development regarding more empowerment of the woman and evolve the role she is entrusted with in the political and public life and all the sites where she has proved worth to be partner with her brother the man. We also aim at expanding the sphere of the woman’s economic activity by implementing the principle of productive families and to qualify her with technical and professional capabilities an expansion in offering loans meant for projects directed to investing potentials and energies of the woman and the family in general.
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