Saturday, 04-February-2006
Almotamar Net - President Saleh raised the reunification flag on May 22, 1990 in Aden Almotamar Net - President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s lectures to Seoul University during his visit to the South Korean capital in April 2005 have been published in a new book by the Yemeni centre in the Asian country. The speech, “The system of Yemeni Unification”, discusses the history and stages Yemen took towards reunification, have been translated into English as well as other languages.

The speech on the system of Yemeni reunification has been translated so that those students without Arabic would be able to understand the Yemeni experience, summed up through the direct words of the President. The speech describes the events and the many historical stages Yemen had to come through to achieve unification. The speech argues that the root of the unification of north and south Yemen drew from an ancient past, that the earth had always been Yemen and the ancestry of people was always Yemeni, whatever modern boundaries imposed by external and foreign powers had drawn up.

The separation was caused by an occupation by foreigners on the one hand, and by the Imam’s acceptance of the policy of separation on the other. He also discusses the steps of the national struggle which unified the Yemeni people, to remove the occupation, to change the backward rule of the Imam and reunify the parts of the country. He also mentioned the efforts made by the public since November 30, 1967 to achieve the aim of joining north and south, but which was frozen by the developments of the Cold War.

The unification was also restricted by the hard times caused by the war between the two opposing political systems during the 1970s. However the Yemeni people became more and more convinced of the necessity of reunification as the only guarantee of safety and a stable life, and pressed forward the cause of development for the Yemeni. President Saleh talked about the procedure the steps towards reunification took, up until the flag of the Republic of Yemen was raised in May 22, 1992. He said that day was the day which in a new Yemen was reborn, and the common road of heritage was once again unified in a new country

source:Yemen Observer Newspaper
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